Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Highlight for T26 Term 3 Week 5 - Digital Ignition Technology Workshop and Assembly

The students were listening well to the introduction of what to do and what not to do on the chromes.

T26 were presenting their item and story of the Maori Legend of the seven whales and the powerful Tohunga.
The students are working together as a group in learning how to press different buttons on the chrome and what comes out of it.
T26 were running the Tumanako Assembly this week. Joseph and Ilaisaane were leading it for us and Utuma'oe and Toko were Spotters for the best class.
T11 were presenting their item and some of their works.
Year 3 teachers were presenting Certificates for the best achievers of the week and followed by Y4 teachers.


  1. Thanks for your blog #Tumanako26 ... great to see your learning at @RowandaleSchool includes #DigitalIgnition #ICT #MaoriLegends #TeamAssembly

  2. Well done Tumanako 26 for showcasing your learning this week! Awesome to see you all engaged with the Digital sessions that we have been luckily enough to receive! Keep up the amazing learning!