Thursday, 29 March 2018

T26 Term 1 Week 9 Our class had a very busy week. we had our writing lesson and Duffy Assembly

These are all of our writing groups working  on their different activities for writing .Add caption

Tumanako 26 Term 1 Week 8 Assembly to celebrate Tumanako's achievements

T26 were working in the garden this week as part of our Garden to Table programme.Add caption

T26  Every fortnight we walked down to the Public library as part of our learning.Add caption

The children were pulling out the old plants and get the soil ready for the new plants to be planted.Add caption

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

TUMANAKO 26: Term 1 Week 7: Park and Walk


This morning 14/03/2018........ We had our Park and Walk as part of our Travelwise Programme. 
All the students gathered near the Clendon Park near the dairy and walked along the footpath all the way to school. The teachers helped with the walk by checking and supervising that all the students used the footpath safely.  The walk ended at school with hot yummy Milo and marshmallows.
Thanks Mr Savage for taking the lead in this.

Below are some photos of the walk.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Tumanako 26: Term 1 Week 6 - Learning Activities

Term 1 Week 6 - Learning Activities

On Friday  9/3/18 Tumanako 26 walked to the Clendon Public Library as part of our Library programme.

Monday, 5 March 2018

TUMANAKO 26 Term 1 Week 5 - Learning about Procedural Writing

Direct experience in how to make the best sandwich.

We are now writing about the procedure of how we make the sandwich.

Every Wednesday after lunch we join the rest of Tumanako for Sports. We are learning to throw a javelin correctly.

TUMANAKO 26 Term 1 Week 4 - Assembly to show what the children achieved for this week

We are sitting up nicely for the Tumanako assembly with samples of our class work for our presentation.

This is our garden programme. It is called GTT (Gardens To Tables) We are weeding and preparing the soil for planting.

We are writing about our Garden Treaty and our safety rules.