Wednesday, 14 March 2018

TUMANAKO 26: Term 1 Week 7: Park and Walk


This morning 14/03/2018........ We had our Park and Walk as part of our Travelwise Programme. 
All the students gathered near the Clendon Park near the dairy and walked along the footpath all the way to school. The teachers helped with the walk by checking and supervising that all the students used the footpath safely.  The walk ended at school with hot yummy Milo and marshmallows.
Thanks Mr Savage for taking the lead in this.

Below are some photos of the walk.


  1. Well done #Tumanako26 for being active this morning and participating in #ParkAndWalkDay ... Keep fit and active!

  2. Great to see so many students participate in such an important event held every year at our School. Yes, definitely thumbs up to Mr. Savage (Lead Teacher of Travelwise and to his wonderful team of students for their organisation).
    Love the photos, Tumanako 26!